True North Integrative Wellness is a wellness community that offers personal life coaching, wellness programs for individuals and groups, and spa services. We incorporate our extensive experience in providing integrative wellness to support those who want vibrant health and a more fulfilling life.

We show you how to break through barriers to true healing, motivation and positive change in every area of your life.

After spending decades in the high-speed, high pressure world of spa development and management around the world, Caren Logan, founder of True North Integrative Wellness, recognizes the need for a source of support, goal-setting strategies, personal stress management and a holistic approach to well-being. She provides programs that guide you toward a more balanced work and personal life, including body care, diet,  and managing stress. Caren understands deeply that each person needs a customized approach to achieve their optimal wellness. She works with you to tailor a personal program according to your bio-individuality, and supports you on a path to health that works for you and your lifestyle.

True North specializes in wellness coaching for individuals and groups. Our expertise and passion for wellness extends to all who desire to live a more balanced and healthy life.

“The core belief that motivates my work is that everyone needs and deserves to achieve vibrant health and a joyful life. As individuals, we all have far more power to create a better world than we know, and through inspired action, every person who lives that example can create a ripple effect that empowers others to do the same. This is how all positive change on a grand scale begins - with one person. You!”

- Caren Logan, Founder of True North Integrative Wellness

"When La Mer, Estee Lauder's most prestigious brand, was confronted with opening our first spa, we knew we needed to create an entirely new, luxe experience for our clientele. Fortunately, we found a great partner with Caren Logan, who worked with us to develop a unique 5 service protocol that reflected the essence of this 'best-in-class' brand. The La Mer Spa Experience was originally launched in Harrods London to great acclaim. Caren handled everything 'from soup to nuts' – from spa design, to developing treatment concepts and protocols, to designing education manuals and training therapists."              

 - Tyler Heiden Jones, General Manager – KOSÉ; former VP of Global Marketing for La Mer